Repairs & Servicing

Narrowboat dry dock for hull black-ups and repaints plus repairs, engine servicing, fuel and pump outs


Location: Wyvern Shipping boatyard, Grand Union Canal, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Contact for a free estimate: 01525 372355


Fuel and Pump Outs


Narrowboat Interior Work by Wyvern ShippingCanal Barge Engine Servicing by Wyvern ShippingRepair and Maintenance Services

40 years experience in boat building and boat maintenance.

All boat services carried out on our premises by our experienced staff.



Full Repaints in our All-Weather Workshop

Repainted Graden Canal Narrowboat by Wyvern Shipping

Repainting of Historic Boats

We repainted the pair of historic narrowboats "Nutfield" (motor) and "Raymond" (motor-less butty) in 2012 and 2013.

Nutfield Historical Narrowboat Before Restoration by Wyvern-Shipping
Nutfield Before Repainting

Stern of Raymond Historical Narrowboat Before Restoration
Raymond Before Repainting
Nutfield Historical Narrowboat After Restoration by Wyvern Shipping
Nutfield After Repainting

Stern of Historical Narrowboat Raymond After Restoration
Raymond After Repainting

Historical Barges Raymond and Nutfield After Restoration
Raymond and Nutfield Together After Repainting