A narrowboat holiday cruising the canals of England on a Wyvern Shipping barge may be "greener" than you think.

Read on to find out why...


The Canals

The canals of Britain were originally built for transporting materials and goods around the country (find out more on our History of the Canals page). Industrial use of the waterways all but ended in the 1950s, but most canals were kept open, mainly because of the growth in holiday hire boats. The canals are now a network of waterways that are brilliant for leisure, recreation and, of course, nature!

A Wyvern Shipping boat surrounded by beautiful nature on an English canalCountless animals thrive on the waterside, like ducks, herons, kingfishers, otters, butterflies, newts and many more (learn more on our Nature & Wildlife page). The canal network provides abundant habitat for many animals that live and nest in the bankside trees, bushes and hedges. Wildflowers grow along the water's edge and water lilies thrive in the gently flowing waters.

Canal water is not stagnant (unlike ponds or some lakes), so it  doesn't attract blue-green algae and is generally clean and unpolluted, just like the country's rivers.

Many local councils have recognised the importance of canals for conserving the natural environment (as well as recognising important cultural heritage buildings like 19th and 20th Century warehouses and lock keeper cottages). Many Conservation Areas (CA's)  have been created around canals, such as the Grand Union Canal Conservation Area, The Regent's Canal CA, The Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal CA, The Oxford Canal CA and the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal CA, to name just a few.

Our Narrowboats

Here at Wyvern Shipping, our high-quality narrow boats have many eco-friendly features.

Other Ways We Help

Here at Wyvern Shipping we strive to ensure you have a brilliant holiday on the beautiful canals while we play our part in preserving the natural environment.

If you would like to hire a Wyvern Shipping narrowboat, please explore this website and find out more!