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If you are booking one of the following boats:
Cedar / Maple / Oak / Countess / Empress / Mallard / Princess / Kingfisher
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I understand one fifth (20%) of the hire fee will be required as a deposit or full payment will be required if the holiday date is within 8 weeks of today's date.
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Payment Method
If Option #1 (pay with credit/debit card over the telephone) please call us during office hours on +44 (0) 1525 372355. Alternatively, please type in your telephone number here and we will call you.
If Option #2 or #3 (Payment Portal or Bank Transfer) we will contact you via email with the details to make the payment.
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If YES Which Canal? Other Boating Experience
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Full names of all crew members. Please add ages if under 18.
Cancellation Scheme
Do you wish to make use of this service?
Remember without this scheme you will be liable to pay the whole hire fee if you cancel and we are unable to re-let your holiday.
We are unable to offer this scheme to non residents of United Kingdom.
For non United Kingdom residents we recommend obtaining a scheme that covers air flights / ferries to England.

Cancellation Scheme Premiums - find premium associated with your Total Holiday Cost including deposit.
Up to £400 £20 £401 to £500 £23 £501 to £600 £26 £601 to £700 £29 £701 to £800 £32
£801 to £900 £35 £901 to £1000 £38 £1001 to £1100 £41 £1101 to £1200 £44 £1201 to £1300 £47
£1301 to £1400 £50 £1401 to £1500 £53 £1501 to £1600 £56 £1601 to £1700 £59 £1701 to £1800 £62
For each subsequent £100 add £3 to the premium.

Cancellation Scheme Premium

I am over 21 years of age if booking a 2 to 5 berth boat or over 25 years if booking a 6 to 8 berth boat and I have read and agree to be bound by your conditions of hire.

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