Narrowboat Building

Narrowboat Building by The Wyvern Shipping Co Ltd

Ocean Princess canal boat built by The Wyvern Shipping Co Ltd crossing Loch Ness, Scotland
'Ocean Princess' crosses Loch Ness

If it’s something special you want, we build narrow boats to order.

A Wyvern canal boat alongside the new shell of a future boat! A Wyvern Shipping boat's interior during creation!

Features can include bowthruster, forward wheel steering, bicycle storage, side hatch, mast & navigation lights, GPS and echo sounder.

Ocean Princess Interior showing a narrowboat can have a wheel. This canal boat can be navigated from both the bow or the stern. Side hatch on a newly built canal boat

View of Tiller & Flag through barge's rear doors Kabota Engine installation in a built-to-order narrowboat



The saloon can be fitted with a pullout settee, dinette or freestanding furniture. The TV and radio/cd player come in a varnished cabinet together with the drinks cabinet.
The saloon and cabin sides below the gunwale can be carpeted to compliment the soft furnishings and floor carpet.

5 Star L-Shaped Barge Saloon 5 Star UK Narrowboat SaloonDining Table in 5 Star Canal Boat Saloon 5 Star Galley (Kitchen) of UK Built Narrowboat


All the equipment is of household size with built-in gas cooker and hob with a  freestanding 12volt electric fridge. Kitchen cupboard doors are of good quality hardwood and laminate worktops with hardwood trim. All cupboards and cabinets are easily accessible.


As standard, we fit the Midland Chandlers 4 foot by 2 foot shower bath with a  Mira shower tap. Vanity units are custom made to maximize the use of bathroom space. The toilet can be fresh water flushing into a holding tank, a remote tank, or a cassette toilet.


As standard, we fit the Beta Marine BV 1903 which is a 43hp Kabota diesel engine with a PRM 260 gear box. This unit is ‘top of the range’, very quiet and smooth running, but above all, is built to last and very reliable. Two alternators are fitted as standard to charge the two separate banks of domestic and inverter batteries. We use an ‘aqua drive’ between the engine and propeller shaft to minimize vibration. Engine rooms are fully sound proofed with good access for servicing the engine.


All cabin lights and the fridge are 12 volts. For 240 volts we fit a 1,600 watt charger/inverter to operate a hairdryer, television, microwave etc. Should you wish to have us install a washing machine/tumble drier, we will fit an additional 3.5 kva alternator to the engine.

Hot water and central heating.

Hot water is automatically provided by the engine (and to a lesser extent the central heating) when the engine is running. When the engine is not running, a gas or diesel boiler is fitted. Modern radiators running up both sides of the boat provide the central heating.

Boat equipment

Boats are sold with a full cruising inventory which includes bow, stern and side fenders, mooring ropes and centre rope, shore plank, boat poles, fire extinguishers etc.

Viewing the boats.

To see the high standards of work and equipment that go into Wyvern built boats, we have a full range of boats for you to view at our yard. Some of recent build and some many years old so you will be able to see at first hand what your new boat will look like in 10 years' time. We think you will be amazed at how little Wyvern boats deteriorate due to the high quality of craftsmanship and materials used.


Prices start from £1,200 per foot plus VAT. for a fully fitted ready to go narrow boat.

For enquiries please phone the office. 01525 372355