Skipper & Crew

For your safety, there is a minimum requirement of two adults over 18 when navigating the boats. We regret that bookings by skippers under 21 cannot be accepted on 2 to 5 berth boats and by skippers under 25 on 6 to 8 berth boats. For single-sex crews and crews hiring more than one boat, at least two crew members per boat must be over 30.
The Company reserves the right to charge a £250 security deposit for any non-family, all male/all female and multi-boat bookings 
The deposit is returned at the end of the holiday, less any deductions for damage or breakages. All male/all female crews and multi-boat bookings are at the Companies' discretion.

Cotsides (left) and Bed Guard (right) in our Hire Narrowboat's bedroom

Babies & Toddlers
We can provide cot sides which can be fitted to one of the bunks in the rear cabin. These make very good play pens during the day as well as a cot during the night. Babies under 6 months travel free of charge.
On all boats with single berths in the rear cabin, they can be converted to a double or we can supply a 4 foot long mattress to go between the berths.
This makes an extra wide berth, ideal for accommodating an extra child. There is no charge for an extra child under 4 years of age.

Even if you have no previous boating experience, you will be surprised just how easy it is to become a confident skipper of your narrow boat. All the boats are purpose built for easy and responsive handling. If you have any questions over any aspect of canal boating, we will do our best to assist.

All our hirers are taken for a free tuition cruise by an experienced instructor at the start of their holiday and shown through a lock. Instructions continue until you are confident of how to handle the boat to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We also send hirers the Boaters Handbook and DVD which covers all aspects of good boating and safe canal cruising.

Disabilities Policy
For reasons of safety, at least two of the crew on the boat should be able (with instruction) to steer the boat and operate the locks. The boat is accessed at the bow by stepping onto the gunwale and then onto the cockpit seat using the large cabin handle provided. The cabin is then accessed by a step at the bow. At the stern, access is via four steps leading from the rear deck in to the back cabin. The insides of the boats are not suitable for wheelchairs due to the narrow doors and passageways. Once on a boat, customers with disabilities are in a safe environment much the same as a large caravan. If you have any disability or concern about the suitability of our boats or a canal holiday please phone the office for advice.