3 & 4 Day Cruises

North from Linslade, Leighton Buzzard

Travel north along the Ouzel Valley through the countryside parks of Milton Keynes and over the Aqueduct at Cosgrove and onto the picturesque Northamptonshire village of Stoke Bruerne.

This is an ideal mini-break cruise for all, including novice boaters and has plenty of entertainment for your children and adults alike. It includes lovely countryside, several locks, two aqueducts and many good canalside pubs and restaurants.

Stoke Bruerne - 3 night canal boat break

Moor at the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne flight of 7 locks and enjoy a short walk up the locks to the famous canal village with its shops, pubs, restaurants and the fascinating Canal Museum. The museum is an historic Grade II listed corn mill, it offers 2-3 floors of rich waterway heritage and panoramic views. There is also a blacksmith’s forge, and the 200 year old southern portal of the almost two mile long Blisworth Tunnel.

You can turn all of our canal boats around both below and above the locks at Stoke Bruerne.

Pubs at Stoke Bruerne

Hours cruising each way to:
Bottom of Stoke Bruerne: 10 hrs*
26 miles, 7 locks, 2 aqueducts.

Stoke Bruerne & The Blisworth Tunnel to Gayton Junction - 4 nights

For the more energetic, take your boat up the flight of seven locks and on through the nearly 2 mile long Blisworth Tunnel, through Blisworth village and on to Gayton Junction.

After an enjoyable stop at Stoke Bruerne, head up the 7 locks and arrive at the mouth of the Blisworth Tunnel, the third longest navigable canal tunnel in the UK. It ius an exciting and historic adventure. Head up to Gayton Junction where the canal where you can take the Northampton Branch or continue up the Grand Union Canal. It is a good place to stop for a welcoming lunch at the Walnut Tree Inn, just north of the Blisworth Village.

Hours cruising each way to:
Gayton Junction: 13 hrs*
30 miles, 14 locks, 2 aqueducts, 1 tunnel.

*These are approximate hours and do not account for possible delays.

South from Leighton Buzzard

Head south up the Chiltern Hills towards the beautiful village of Marsworth, keeping an eye out for the lion cut in the chalk on the side of Whipsnade hill. The reservoirs at Marsworth, which were built to supply water to the canal summit, are now also used as extensive nature reserves. Wildlife is in abundance and it is very rewarding to have an afternoon or evening stroll around the lakes and study the bird life. At Marsworth, either cruise straight on to Berkhamsted or turn right for the Aylesbury arm.

Aylesbury Arm - 3 nights

This canal runs from Marsworth to Aylesbury and is just 6 miles long with 16 narrow locks, only inches wider than your boat. Aylesbury has a small basin with visitor moorings close to the market town centre.

Hours cruising each way to:
Aylesbury: 10 hrs*
15 miles, 11 wide locks, 16 narrow locks.

Wendover Arm - 3 nights

The first 1.5 miles of this canal is now open from Bulbourne to Tringford pumping station, where water is pumped from the canal reservoirs into the canal. It is a narrow canal that meanders past Heygates Mill, terminating at the newly made winding hole at Little Tring.

Hours cruising each way to:
Little Tring: 8 hrs*
11 miles, 18 locks.

Cowroast - 3 nights

From Marsworth, travel up the seven locks to Bulbourne. The canal then enters a three mile cutting past Tring Station to Cowroast. Be on special alert as kingfishers are often spotted in the cutting. 

Hours cruising each way to:
Cowroast: 10 hrs*
12 miles, 18 locks.

Berkhamsted - 4 nights

At Cowroast, the canal starts its descent to London, passing through Berkhamsted close to the old castle, outdoor swimming pool and leisure parks.

Hours cruising each way to:
Berkhamsted Station: 14 hrs*
15 miles, 26 locks.

*These are approximate hours and do not account for possible delays.

Entertainment Guide

All boats carry a 20 page local entertainment manual which covers many local facilities and attractions between Watford and Braunston.

The manual also includes details of canal side pubs (including phone numbers), shops, swimming pools and churches, as well as many leaflets on local amenities. Also listed are fresh water taps, turning places and refuse disposal points.

Please note all holidays start and finish at our home base at Linslade near Leighton Buzzard.