Why Canal Boat Holidays are Perfect for Photographers

There is no denying that if you are a keen photographer then taking canal boat holidays with the Wyvern Shipping Company will allow you to take some beautiful nature and wildlife photographs. 

What is unique about photographing nature from aboard a narrowboat is that you will be capturing nature from a completely different perspective. Slowly cruising along a canal will give you a water-level view of life along the water's edge. 

Rarely can you get a better view of nature doing its own thing than from the middle of a canal. You will always be in an excellent spot to take a photograph, and you won't need to jump in the car to move to different locations and miss all the action along the way.

Being present from dawn to dusk

Most photographers know that light is an essential element of a great photograph. A canal boat holiday where you will take your home with you wherever you go will mean you will always be in a beautiful environment.  

What could be better than to get up and step on the deck of your boat to immediately capture those early morning shots in the best light while still wearing your pyjamas!

You can moor up and relax as the sun sets, as you wait for dusk and more amazing shots without having to drive home afterwards.

You can also take all of your lenses with you on your canal boat short break as there is plenty of space to set out your camera kit without needing to pack it away at the end of the day. Everything you need will always be ready should you need to jump into action quickly to capture a fantastic scene when it happens.

Most water birds and animals are far less concerned about a canal boat than ramblers walking along a towpath. You will likely capture an abundance of nature and animal activity that you would never get on foot.

Capturing the different seasons

Another great reason to choose canal boat hire from Wyvern Shipping Company is to book a short break throughout the summer season, end of March to middle of November. Our canals and waterways offer a completely different experience from one season to the next.

For example, breeding birds are full of activity during the summer months and busy attracting mates and hatching chicks. During the winter, you will see migrant birds on the canal, such as Bewick's swans, which look amazing photographed in frosty surroundings.

Here is just a tiny example of what you can see and photograph in the different seasons on board your canal boat:


1.  Springtime & summer

Look out for common cranes from March. They will start their mating displays and begin building nests in readiness. Spring is also when many overwintering geese begin to leave for colder climates. You can capture some amazing geese formations overhead. 

April is when you will start to see Kingfishers looking around for new nest sites. Keep an eye (and an ear) out for cuckoos in April too. May is when you spot migrating birds, such as grey plover and whimbrel.

From June, you will see fluffy ducklings, goslings and cygnets start to appear. Look out for sedge warbler and green warblers getting busy in the reed beds. The dragonfly season begins in June, bringing plenty of birds and bats that start feeding on them.


2.          Autumn & early winter

As mentioned above, winter is the time for swans and geese, but you should also look skywards for impressive displays of acrobatics from starlings. Short-eared and barn owls can be seen in November time.

So as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for photographers all season when you choose a canal boat holiday. 

Also please note that we also have a large Waterside cottage for rental all the year round that can sleep up to 11 guests. You could book Waterside before or after your canal holiday or at anytime. Either way, the cottage would provide a great base for wildlife and canal photography. Please contact us for further details.