Picking out the Right Canal Boat for Your Next Family Canal Holiday

The beautiful canals in the UK have provided the world with a fantastic opportunity for relaxing canal holidays. Many locals and foreigners love going on a canal boating holiday in the UK to enjoy the breathtaking views, take in the historical heritage, navigate the tunnels and bridges, do some fishing, and stargaze at night. It is a great way to slow down and unwind from the typical busy lifestyle.

However, the most crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth holiday is selecting high-quality canal boats for hire. There are various ways to pick out the right canal boat. Here are some of the common factors to consider:

The Number of Berths (Beds)

When you are picking out a canal boat, the number of berths must be taken into consideration. The boat must have sufficient beds for the number of people coming on the holiday with you. Some of our boats also allow you to bring your pets.

You can select from two berth narrowboats to eight berth narrowboats. It is essential to make sure all individuals and couples have comfortable places to relax. All these boats have a different number of berths and include double or single berths, depending on the one you select.

Comforts and Equipment

Our canal boats include various types of comforts and equipment to make your holiday relaxing and enjoyable. The boats typically include:

·         Berths with sprung or foam mattresses

·         Kitchen area with a toaster, microwave, and cutlery for meal preparation

·         Flushing toilets and functional showers

·         Central heating

·         Colour TV, and Radio and CD player

·         Storage space

·         240-volt electricity supply

You can find more details on the included equipment on each boat.

Sterns Style

The boat’s rear side is known as the stern, where you steer the boat with a tiller. There are three main types of sterns to choose from:

·         Traditional Stern – the rear area, has a small standing space. It is rarely found on boats for hire and is most common on the ones owned by canal enthusiasts.

·         Semi-Traditional Stern–the rear area, has an enclosed seating arrangement, but the standing area is small. These boats are ideal for holidays with the kids.

·         Cruiser Stern – the rear deck is spacious with a seating area around a guard rail. These boats are ideal for larger parties and allow easy access off and on the boat.

Typically, people on a canal holiday select the semi-traditional or cruiser stern.

Free Cruise Training

You can confidently become the boat’s skipper even without prior boating experience as our boats are specially created for responsive and easy handling. We also provide free tuition cruise conducted by qualified instructors at the start of your canal holiday to show you the ropes.

The training continues until you are sure about handling the boat and working the locks. We also send you a DVD and a Boaters handbook that covers safe cruising and boating.

Canal Holiday Boats are all easy to handle, reliable, and run on smooth diesel engines. You can take your pick, depending on the number of people you are going on the holiday with and how long you want to cruise. The right quality boat will ensure you and your family have the best canal holiday in the UK and head home relaxed and energised.

Why wait any longer? Give us a call, and get ready for the most soothing experience of your life with our canal boat hire options.