Taking In the Breath Taking Views: Canal Boat Holidays in the UK

With the COVID-19 threat on all of our minds, everyone is stuck at home, playing board games or texting their friends from afar. Family members are bored, friends miss each other, and everyone is making plans for when things would get back to normal.

Although things are far from returning to normal right now, many holiday spots in the UK are opening up. However, many people are still understandably reluctant to visit crowded spaces. If you're one of them, we have a great safe holiday idea for you –a canal boating holiday in the UK . You get to enjoy the scenic beauty Mother Nature offers without worrying about contracting Coronavirus!

A comfortable boat, beautiful scenery, and not a worry in the world - that's the very definition of a perfect holiday, isn't it?

Now that you're getting ready to go back to the outside world and can still enjoy some much-needed sun, why not do it in style with a canal boating holiday in UK ? And when it comes to canal boating in the UK , no waterway can beat the beauty of the Grand Union Canal. It's inarguably one of the best options from all of rivers and canals in the country.

Here are the canal boating holiday options that we offer in the Grand Union Canal. Read on to find out what each of them has to offer to decide which one you want to go on first!

·        Grand Union North

Navigate through the calm water of Grand Union Canal along the Ouzel Valley Park, located alongside the River Ouzel and contains the remains of villages from the medieval area. Since the area has a good mix of plants, trees, hedgerows, and meadows, it provides habitat for wildlife. While on this route, look out for an interesting mix of bird species; woodpeckers, kingfishers, and Little Grebe in particular.

From the Ouzel Valley, the boat takes you through the picturesque parks of Milton Keynes, aqueducts at Wolverton Cosgrove, the stunning village of Stoke Bruerne, Blisworth Tunnel, and the charming stone villages of Northamptonshire all the way to Weedon. From there, the boat ride takes you to Braunston where the Grand Union Canal meets the Oxford to Coventry canal, bringing the 7-night long journey to an end.

·        Grand Union South

This cruise takes you on a memorable journey through the 19th -century canal. The 26-mile journey (one-way) starts from Leighton Buzzard and takes passengers through the scenic Chiltern Hills area known for the majestic chalk escarpment and the beautiful village of Marsworth all the way up to Bulbourne. While this whole route will offer plenty of scenic views, the historical calk lion carved out on the side of Whipsnade hill, in the Chiltern Hills area and the nature reserves at Marsworth are the major attractions and shouldn't be missed. The nature reserves at Marsworth will give you the opportunity to witness the wildlife, which is in abundance in this area. 

From Marsworth, the boat takes you through Bulbourne and Tring Station to Cowroast, a small hamlet in Wigginton, Hertfordshire. Cowroast Marina is a picturesque rural location that is also known for the abundance of wildlife. Kingfishers, in particular, are quite common in this area.

Don't Miss Out on the Best Part of a Canal Boat Holiday in the UK!

As you go around the UK on a boat, don't forget to experience and enjoy the best part of your canal boating holiday - the boat itself! The idea is to relax, something that even the most heartfelt of sceneries can't do if you're not comfortable.

That's where narrowboats come in, taking mobile comfort to a whole new level. From bunk beds to a stocked kitchen and a functioning bathroom, you'll find it all in our canal boats.

Canal boating is a great way to vent off all the steam you built up staying indoors. If you'd like to learn more about a canal boat holiday in the UK or are ready to book one, we're just an email away. Let us help you relax and find your true self again!

Under present Government Covid 19 only six people are permitted to travel on a self-drive holiday narrow boat.