Go Cruising in Autumn on the Most Beautiful Canal Holidays the UK Has To Offer

5 Most Scenic Canal Holidays to Enjoy This Autumn

We know that all the lockdown and social distancing had you craving for the great outdoors, but you’re also smart enough to know that a crowded and highly frequented place is dangerous. So, for a problem like that, we have a perfect solution for you - a canal boat holiday!

Lucky for us UK residents, we have access to some of the most beautiful canals. Their beauty is striking during autumn. Here are some of the options for you to choose from:

1.     Warwickshire Ring

Warwickshire Ring is a series of canals. If you and your mates are the kinds who quickly get bored, this route is for you. The sheer variety of landscapes and views found on this boat ride will keep you interested and occupied longer than you can imagine. First, you’ll experience peace and serenity on the idyllic lands that surround the Oxford Canal. Then you’ll gravitate towards the history of the industrial heritage and of pre-canal times as you’ll look upon the majestic medieval Warwick castle.

2.     Ashby Canal

Ashby Canal is like a sheet of glass, flat without any locks. You can float over it for hours and enjoy the mesmerizing view as it meanders along the glorious countryside. To add a little more excitement during your trip, herons and kingfishers will come sweeping in. On this canal boat holiday, you’ll also find yourself transported back to medieval times. There’s nothing that can ruin this beautiful setting, so make sure your canal boat hire is only from the best.

3.     Paddington Basin

We all get to see the countryside and valleys in a quiet setting, but it’s an entirely another experience to enjoy the fast-paced bustle of an urban area from your perch in the canal. This long canal basin in Paddington, London, is precisely what all the busy bees need to get a break. A long boat ride on this route will allow you to enjoy London at your own leisurely pace. This route is only for the more experienced canal boat hire users that have navigated through locks.

4.     Leicester Ring

This 157-miles long Leicester Ring is perfect for those who want to stay on the course for more than just a weekend. The ring is a combination of various non-tidal rivers and canals that make for a relaxing canal boat hire experience.  This ring will take you through the bustling Leicester City as well as through the tranquil rolling hills in the unspoiled countryside.  

5.     Banbury Canal

This Oxford Canal in Banbury has quite a character. First off, you’ll find the ancient monument called the Tooley’s Boatyard here. You can learn a lot about canals at this stop. This route is perfect for those who have quite an appetite for retail therapy. The shopping centre is located right on the banks where you can shop, or join a family theatre, live music, or enjoy some good tea. With all these shopping bags, make sure you only choose the most trustworthy suppliers for a sturdy canal boat hire. 

A canal boat holiday doesn’t only include a scenic view but also a high-end canal boat hire. For your ease and enjoyment, we at The Wyvern Shipping Co, Ltd are offering a 10% discount, throughout the year. Even if it’s your first time on a canal boat holiday, don’t worry. Our narrowboats have been designed with our customers’ needs in mind, and we make sure they are most effortless to handle and manoeuvre.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, give us a call, and get ready for the most soothing experience of your life with our canal boat hire options.